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snowshoeing winter hiking couple

My husband bought me a pair of Summit Tundra snowshoes.  I was having a very difficult time walking down my long driveway to the mailbox in the ice and snow. We live in a rural area of northern Minnesota.  I am elderly and find the snowshoes to be so easy to put on and take off.  I feel very safe walking anywhere on the farm now!

~Ester, Grasston, MN

I just purchased some land in northern Wisconsin. Summit snowshoes (Explorer 30) were a great value and are perfect to get out and explore with. I feel so relaxed walking in the beautiful winter wonderland. After looking around for affordable snowshoes, Summit is just what we were looking for.

~Bill, Spooner, WI

Just wanted to let you know that my kids are having a great time with their Tracker 16 snowshoes after we got a couple of inches of fresh snow yesterday on top of what we had.  It’s great to see them getting outside and enjoying winter.

~Jackie, Savage, MN

We took our Summit snow shoes up to the Porkies this past weekend.  They allowed us to get into some areas that we’ve been hoping to explore for some time.  I told my coworkers about it – they will be picking some up soon too.


~Todd, Wausau, WI

Ich verstehen sie du hast sehr shoan shneeshoe.  Vielen dank!


~Heidi und Claus, Fitchburg, WI

I bought a pair of the Summit Tundra snowshoes for a new outdoor activity during the long winter. I mostly used them walking around the neighborhood golf course, and they worked great.  I take the dog with me and simply go enjoy a day in the snow with him.  Nice snowshoes at a good price too.

~Chris, Green Bay, WI

We purchased 6 sets of Summit Explorer snowshoes for our lake home.  We originally would cross country ski through the woods around the lake.  We found out that the snowshoes were much easier to use in the woods with the brush and sticks on the ground.  That makes the experience much more worthwhile.

~Rob, Rice Lake, WI

Hello, I recently bought the Summit Explorer snowshoes and trekking poles.  I am very impressed with them.  I have never snowshoed before.  I found them easy to maneuver, lightweight and was amazed that the snow did not stick to them.  I highly recommend using the poles and the carrying bag makes traveling easy.  What a wonderful activity to do on a winter day!

~Caryn, Green Lake, WI

I cannot believe how much we are enjoying our snowshoes!  We have spent several weekends outdoors and our snowshoes still look brand new.  They are very well constructed; the bindings are so easy to adjust - even with the kids boots!  These are the best purchase for a winter activity we have ever made.  We recommend you guys to everyone we meet.  Thanks again!

~Kim, Ashland, WI

We bought several sizes of the Summit Explorer and Tundra models to leave at our cabin when friends and family come up to vacation.  They are perfect for stomping around the property and on the local trails. Easy to use and lightweight, we can’t wait for another snowy winter!

~Tony, Marquette, MI

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