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Security Policy

Please do not use email to send us your credit card information. Email communication is not secure.

The security of your personal information is very important to us at Summit Snowshoes and we make every effort to insure confidentiality and protect your security in the following ways.

Personal Information

Personal information, including your credit card number, is encrypted and sent only over secure Internet lines. While using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, your Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox browser will let you know when the line is secure. Internet Explorer and Firefox use a "lock" icon for their browsers. These "locks" will appear on the browser when using a secure line. On both browsers the "http:" pre-fix will read "https:" when accessing a secure server. If these indicators are present, you can be confident of a secure data transaction.

Credit Card information

We do not store complete credit card information on our web server. Once your order is placed, we send the order to our main order processing system using a "one-way" private network. If you choose to have us safely store your credit card number on our web server for future ordering convenience, we will only store partial information. If you choose not to store your credit card information with us, it will be deleted entirely from our web records.

PCI Compliance

We take your financial security seriously and are confident that we have made shopping on our website safe for all customers. We are compliant with the rigorous security requirements set by the PCI (Payment Card Industry) and have been certified PCI compliant by non-affiliated, third party licensing companies. We employ various firewalls and other security tactics to keep your information secure.

While there is some risk inherent in every Internet transaction, you can rest assured that we are working to  make sure that risk is minimal.

If you are still unsure about the security of your information or if you use a browser that does not support SSL technology, please call us at 1-608-273-8263 or fax us at 1-608-273-8368.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy policies were updated November 1, 2021.

Your privacy is important to us at Summit Snowshoes and our policies are intended to give you confidence in the security of the information we obtain from you.

Personal Information

When you place an order or ask to be on our mailing list via any of our platforms, we will ask for your name, address, phone number and email address. We will also ask for your credit card information when you place an order. We maintain an in-house record of your purchases, including credit card information, for research and problem resolution. We do not store complete credit card information on our web server.

Automatically Collected Information

When you visit our site, some information, such as your domain name, browser type and referral information is collected automatically. This information is used solely for the purpose of monitoring the traffic our site is generating. This gives us valuable information on which pages are visited most frequently, and which outside links are being utilized most. We use this data to improve the site and your shopping experience. We do not monitor navigation patterns outside of our site, but we do gather information on referral sites that send visitors to us.

Email Addresses

We do not rent, share, or exchange our customers' email addresses. Email addresses voluntarily given to us or collected from email comments are never shared. We do use these addresses to process your service requests and for our own electronic marketing purposes, but only with your consent. Instructions on how to unsubscribe are included in every promotional email.

Change Preferences for Email Offers

To sign up, unsubscribe or change your preferences for email promotions:

When you register,or place an order for the first time, your mailing address and email address will be automatically added to our mailing list. From time to time this mailing list (not email list) may be shared and traded with other responsible businesses. You may request that we add your name to our mailing list but not share this information with others. You may also request that your name be removed from our mailing list.

For questions or changes regarding privacy or your mailing-list status, you can also call us at 1-608-273-8263 or fax us at 1-608-273-8368.

Social Media

At this time we are not using any social media however this policy is subject to change without notice.

Mobile Applications

At this time we do not have a mobile application however this policy is subject to change without notice. 


Cookies: We do use cookie technology. Cookies are pieces of information planted on your computer by our web server. These cookies are used for shopping cart identification, referral tracking, and to track your navigation patterns through our site. Shopping baskets are created and stored on our web server. The cookie identifies which shopping basket belongs to each individual customer. These cookies give us information on what site sent you to us and what pages you are viewing on the site. You will not be able to order if cookies are disabled.

3rd Party Privacy Policies

Some of our third party partners such as Google may have their own privacy policy and use terms. Please read them carefully before using their services.

Policy Updates

We will occasionally update our Security and privacy policies due to changes in our practices and services. Any changes will be posted to this website so that you will always be aware of what information we collect, use and disclose. Changes to our policies shall become effective as of the date they are posted to this site. Any changes or new policies will apply to all current and past users of our website and will replace any prior policies.

If you have any questions regarding the policies of Summit Snowshoes please, contact us through our parent company :

Chalet Company
5252 Verona Road
Madison, Wisconsin 53711 USA

Store : 1-608-273-8263

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